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About Tree Management

Phil Anderson’s keen interest in trees and general love for the outdoors has given him great joy from a young age and enabled him to develop a successful tree surgery business in Ayrshire, providing tree care services throughout the Scotland.
As a skilled craftsman, Phil also specialises in the design, construction and installation of bespoke Tree houses, decks, fencing and garden structures.

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Tree Care and Maintenance

Based in Ayrshire, Tree Management specialises in the care and maintenance of trees in both urban and rural environments. We are able to carry out tree surgery and a full range of Arboricultural services for our clients.


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Tree Care and Maintenance

Whatever it is that you need advice on when it ...

Tree Consultancy

If a problem in one of your trees has been ...

Stump Grinding

Just like we mentioned earlier, we take our landscaping and ...

Tree selling

Selling a tree is not that easy. First of all, ...


At Tree Management, we help you choose and select the ...

Tree cutting

Even cutting down a tree is not that simple. If ...

Tree Management

Trees help us preserve our environment and ensure that the planet can take good care of our future generations. At Tree Management, we take excellent and loving care of trees in every possible way and provide our clients with trustworthy and reliable advice as well as excellent services when it comes to the maintenance of trees.
Whether you live in a village or in a city, if you love your trees, then we help you take care of them. Based out of Ayrshire, our motto is to help give the trees a loving atmosphere to thrive in.

We have the best trained professionals who have been working with trees for several years now !

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Tree Management

Quality seasoned hard wood logs for sale !!!

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