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Whether you live in a village or in a city, if you love your trees, then we help you take care of them. Based out of Ayrshire, our motto is to help give the trees a loving atmosphere to thrive in.

To grow and flourish, trees don’t just need sunlight and water, although yes, that does have an impact on their lifespan. However, you need to ensure that they are properly pruned and infected areas have to be treated with precision or even removed from the tree to prevent further damage.

Our team of experts at Tree Management bring along the right combination of tree management skills as well as over 30 years of experience in arboriculture to help you prune, and take care of your trees and we also help you identify, diagnose and treat any diseases in your trees, and take necessary surgery whenever possible.

We have the best trained professionals who have been working with trees for several years now, and they understand your trees and its problems like nobody else possibly can. Everything that you need help with - choosing the right tree to plant, pruning it regularly, getting rid of the infected areas and enhanced lifespan and any other aspect of tree management - will always be available at your need.

All that you have to do is ask us and we your problems shall be handled as if they are are own. We are proud of our knowledge and services and our capabilities of helping you give the landscape of your dreams.

  • Tree pruning operations
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown reduction and shaping
  • Crown raising
  • Tree renovation works
  • Tree removal works

For the environmentally conscious as well:

We know that we want to create a sustainable environment and take every necessary measure to not harm the environment while we are doing our duty towards our trees. We use eco-friendly products and recycle trees, wood and other parts wherever possible to reduce the strain on an already stressed-out planet. When you trust us with your trees, we take additional care to protect the environment as well.

At every stage of our work, we are committed to protecting the overall environment that includes the trees that you have entrusted us with.

Some of our works

Tree Consultancy
Tree Consultancy
Tree Consultancy

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