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We offer different services

Our products and services at Tree Management

We have the best trained professionals who have been working with trees for several years now, and they understand your trees and its problems like nobody else possibly can. Everything that you need help with - choosing the right tree to plant, pruning it regularly, getting rid of the infected areas and enhanced lifespan and any other aspect of tree management - will always be available at your need.

We have been helping our clients provide a caring and loving environment for their trees for over three decades now.

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We offer different services



Tree Care and Maintenance

Whatever it is that you need advice on when it comes to trees, we are always there to help you out – be it finding and selecting a healthy tree depending on the area that you live in, planting and watering a tree, pruning it and pruning tips – we have it all covered for you. We know that taking good care of a tree can be quite a handful experience and that is why, we will give you all the necessary help and guidance in making the right choices and carrying out the right duties so that you get a healthy, good looking and a long-living tree.

Tree Consultancy

If a problem in one of your trees has been nagging you then, let us tell you that diseases in trees can spread rapidly and you may be forced to axe it completely if the right treatment is not provided on time. That is why you must take advice and help from the best of the best and when you come to us, at Tree Management, you can rest assured that your trees are now in safe hands and that every possible step will be taken to give you the best consultation for your trees.

Tree surgeon and Tree Surgery

We know that some of you might be surprised at this term, but yes, Tree Management helps you out with tree surgery as well, which involves the actual work that is carried out on the tree. It includes but is not limited to removing a few shoots, complete branches or other remedial tasks. Our tree surgeries are carried out with the aim of achieving complete client satisfaction as well as job satisfaction. We have trained staff as well as the right equipments to carry out the different kinds of surgeries that your trees might need.

strump grinder

Stump Grinding

We remove tree stumps as well.
Stump grinders can be the size of a lawn mower or as large as truck.
We can completely remove the roots of the trees in a few seconds or recover the central part of the roots.

tree management

Dead trees and dangerous trees

While yes, you can easily make out if the tree is dying or is dead already, you might need help in determining if it is dangerous. You need to look out for fungal infections, unnatural leans, swellings, cavities, cracks and other such symptoms that indicate that everything is not right with your tree. Our experts will conduct a complete and thorough examination to help you make that decision and identify the dangerous trees.

tree management

Firewoods and tree planting

At Tree Management, we help you choose and select the best tree based on several factors such as the climatic conditions, soil structure and so on, so that you when you plant a tree, you are assured of getting a healthy and good looking one very soon.

Head cutting and tree cutting

Even cutting down a tree is not that simple. If you need any help with cutting down the head of a tree or cutting it down completely, then we will provide you with the best guidance to bring it down to the ground with minimal damage. In fact just give us a call and our representative will be there with all the necessary equipments.

tree surgeons